Our Kings and Queens -- Our Kings live on an attached porch with a door into our home, and our Queens live in our homes with us. We do not own cages. We know our babies will make wonderful companions, because their moms and dads do. Claudia has Je Taime, Koala, and future queens Firefly, and Capuccina, and the rest live with Wendy at Treasure Mountain.

The Kings

In Memory -- <3

Trexdolls Doubloon is the best King we ever had. He threw wonderful temperaments, beautiful eye color, large size, and clean patterns time after time. Trexdolls was a cattery that stayed with an old classic type, with lines going back to the traditional originals. Dub put us on the map. Doubloon has lived for years as a ranch cat, hiking with us all over our mountain, along with our 120 pound livestock guardian dog. He stops every few yards for a belly rub.


Tob is a chocolate mitted, and when bred to Felicity and Cappucina, will produce seals and chocolates in mitted and bicolor patterns. He will be bred to our wonderful Doubloon daughters.


Crack O Noon Lotus x Trexdolls Poe.

Pote is a great grandson of our original foundation stud, The Potentate, aka, Biff. I am so thrilled to have him. He has a giant frame. He is a perfect seal bicolor with a mellow people oriented personality, and very traditional lines.

Ryker is a seal colorpoint who is a large old style Ragdoll with the ear tufts and a huge head, and a frantically affectionate personality. Ryker's eyes are simply unbelievable. They are a brilliant blue, the photo is unretouched. 

The Queens

Here is Felicity, our Blackwynd Capuche x Trexdolls Doubloon seal bicolor daughter, at 18 months. She is purrfection, perfect markings, gorgeous coat, and beautiful eyes. I have waited a long time for the right girl from Capuche, who we brought here from Canada years ago ... because Capuche is an "on you" cat, not just a "beside you" cat. So is Felicity.  

Myliu is a stunning seal mitted daughter of our precious Je'Taime and Doubloon, now both retired. And just look what Jet gave us!

Mileu has one of the most beautiful faces I've ever seen... she stops people in their tracks. She has a quiet and loving personality to match her fantasy looks. She is tested hcm N/N by UC Davis.

Pangolin is a seal bicolor beauty by Potus and out of Cappucina...she is a Capuche grand daughter, and a sweetheart who sits on your lap when you watch movies. She has a stunning face, and deep blue eyes that are darkening as she matures. 

Introducing Tinkerbell!

Felicity x Potus, she has the best tail tip we've ever had, and she's perfect in every other way. :-)

Cappucina-- Capuche x Doubloon -- is a perfectly marked Seal Bicolor, and the full sister to Felicity. She carries the wonderful personality of her mom, and throws it to her babies. She is a chocolate carrier, a fabulous mom, a people cat, and a gentle presence in our home. 

Je Taime is one of our senior queens, a gorgeous sweet blue colorpoint. She has given us many cherished and beautiful babies... people often come back for another Je Taime baby.

Retired Queens <3

Magic is a gorgeous Seal Tortie Bicolor, but her big patches make her look more like a calico. Magic knocked us out this year with an amazing litter of 9 healthy robust kittens. She is a fabulous mom, and a loving stable, people-oriented cat. Magic is a granddaughter of the original Trexdolls Firefly who brought the red gene to us. 

Magic is now retired!