Kitten Whispering

There are a few basic kitten whispering techniques I like to tell everyone who gets a kitten from me.

First, when you are first getting to know a kitten, do not stare at it. Catch it's eyes, blink slowly, and look away. This is a way of saying that the kitten is recognized and welcomed into the new territory. It is a way of saying, you are in my pride. Staring unblinkingly is the way predators say, "I am going to eat you for lunch!"

Second, try not to over-handle a new kitten. Pet it, rather than confining it. When you do pick it up, do so, give it a kiss, and put it back down, and turn away. This will train your kitten that it will not be confined for long. It will increase its trust in you. If you pick a kitten up and need to hold it longer, pay attention to it's body moves. It it squirms in the slightest, put it down and turn away. If it meows, you have over-handled your kitten and are teaching it to mistrust you. You are a large animal, and for the kitten to feel comfortable, it needs to know you hear it, and respect it. Once you respond to your kitten's requests to be put down, it will have a much easier time enjoying being handled for longer periods. Teach your children this too.

Our kittens are all raised in our home with us. We don't use or own cages.